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After getting new hoses installed I noticed coolant dripping under the car. After opening the hood I could see it bubbling out of this small plastic screw on the top left side (looking at the car) of the radiator. I can't find the name of this part and was wondering if anyone knew what it was and how to fix it. I included pictures in the following link.



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Welcome to the USMB. Lots of good folks and info here.


That's a bleeding screw for your radiator. Never seen one like that.


If you can't get it to seal you'l need a new radiator.


If the rad isn't full be hesitant to drive the car.


And if you have been driving it there is probably now an air pocket that can cause significant damage through overheating the engine.


Search here for "burping procedures". CLiff notes version is remove lower rad hose and drain the coolant, reattach lower hose, fill through upper hose until it won't take any more, then fill through rad opening.

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That is an air bleeder screw. It is an aftermarket radiator.


That screw should tighten enough so that no air or coolant escapes. Since it is plastic, it could be easy to crack.


If it won't tighten shut easily, remove it when the engine is cold. There should probably be a rubber O-ring there. Check that the O-ring is not torn or broken.


Before screwing it back down, put a light coat of vaseline on the O-ring and the threads,


That should take care of it unless something else is broken.

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