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EA81 Hatch & Justy Window Latch Replacement Redo Feeler

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Okie Dokie,


Last year I offered up some replacement window latches for the rear side windows for EA81 hatches and Justys.


Sherman, set the wabac machine for 2010....





I did a few runs of these, but stopped because I moved 3k miles across the country leaving behind the machines I used to make them. I'm now setup in my new local and think I'm close to be able to produce these again.


So, any interest?


The price this time around will probably be $60 per set with $6 of each set going to the USMB.


The final price will depend on a few factors and I'll give a firm figure after I see some interest.


I'm not posting this in the Vendor forum since I won't be offering this on a regular basis, this is an offer for some number of units for people who really want this. Should it take off, I'll def move it over to the Vendor forum, but for now I figured Old Gen is the place to be. As always, I'm happy to corrected :)


So what says you? Who wants 'em?



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