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So Cal Offroad fun...OBS rules!!!

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So I went to this OHV park called San Gabriel Valley OHV yesterday. My sister was in town for Spring Break and I wanted to show her how awesome a soob was in the dirt. She has 2003 Jeep Rubicon. We get there and the first thing we see is a Ford Ranger 2wd stuck in the stream crossing. The guy has himself buried all the way down to his rear bumper. After he was moved out, people gather to see if I would get stuck. Course, soobs rule and I went through the stream w/little problem. My engine sputtered b/c I forgot to switch my intake to my stock air box. Went around doing to soob nuts and splashing through the mud.

At the end of the day, She was very impressed with how the soob handled. She has no plans in getting rid of her Jeep, but then again I have no plans on getting rid of my soob.


In fact I plan to build up a BRAT to woop her Rubi's MOPAR rear. Look for a future post..."550 dollar BRAT w/2k? in mods, out performs 20k Rubicon."


Here are some pics of the adventure..OBD Azusa Run

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