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Vangon conversion Immobilizer blues

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We're at the final stages of a conversion using mostly Small Car parts and info and have come across a problem with the Subaru Immobilizer. The engine and ecu are out of a 2007 Impreza we have the whole harness but not all of the immobilizer gear, Small Car's instructions made no mention of these bits in the list of things needed for the donor car. We do have the steering column and all the bits attached. So I have a key, ignition, door lock module, and a few miles of wire and connectors. I'm not even sure what the stuff I need looks like, as the Subaru manual is pretty vague on that. So far I haven't even been able to locate the connector that the imm antenna is supposed to be on. It might be useful if someone could point out exactly what I need, and even better yet if there is some place to actually see images of what I need so that I don't go and get some useless bits and waste even more time. I have someone who should be able to reprogram what needs to be programmed but any info in that regard would likely be appreciated as well.

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