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2002-03 outback transmission into 95 legacy/outback?

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I have a lifted 95 legacy with a swapped automatic 96 outback 4.44 transmission and rear diff. The outback trans is starting to go and I was wondering if a newer model out of the 2002-03 would work. I'm pretty sure it bolts up no problem cause subarus are like legos. Is the wiring different or the same. I think they added extra wiring or sensors on 03 or 04, but I'm not sure. Maybe that was just to the engine. Its sure would be easier to find a lower mileage newer outback trans. Plus it would be cool to have the notched gated shifter from the newer model. If anybody knows how many wires and sensors each trans has, or if there would be any other problems doing this, your knowledge and insight would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. My 95 legacy is obd2. So don't have to worry about going from obd1 to obd2

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