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new brat owner, long time subaru owner!

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Hey everyone,


Just bought an 86 brat back in March from California and drove it back home...in Toronto Canada! I've never seen one in fact, the one I own is the only one I've ever seen! it gets a lot of looks around here because it's super rare. I've got 7000 miles on it since I've owned it so far. I really enjoy driving it


I've owned my first subaru back in 2001 (92 SVX) and have owned another SVX and a 07 STi since then. I will likely buy an old forester or something for the winter..anyways I'll be snooping around here for a while and will be asking some brat related questions :)



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Welcome to the board! I love the yellow paint with black decals on your Brat. It looks like a bumble bee! You will find that this message board is a great resource for Subaru owners.


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