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My name is Vaughn and I've recently purchased a 1998 Legacy Outback Limited.  As I'm not a mechani I've been learning how to do most of the work myself.  The vehicle runs well.  I've replaced the brakes and beginning to consider the amount of rust especially since just yesterday check engine light returned P0440 code.  From my research seems like evap system.  After checking a local junk yard i noticed the "caps" leading to the fuel tank inside the back of the vehicle...checked my "caps and the passenger is bent and isn't flushed to the floor of the vehicle.  Also, a knocking is beginning..doesn't seem to be near the engine but from underneath somewhere near the tires.  


I bought this vehicle flat out to help save some money and to eliminate payments for awhile.  If the first time I've bought a vehicle this old with this amount of mileage.  Not discouraged but really excited.  At least, I have a little extra for not making payments.  Besides, If I put the work in now, maybe I could have a nice little ride.


Also, purchased a Bulldog Security/Remote Start-Up...do you have any experience with these.  How reliable are the colors of ignition wires?  


So glad I found this forum.  Dad has been helping a lot...giving major confidence!!!


Hope to hear something soon.




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