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1986 GL no spark from coil to disty

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Could this switch be done by simply swapping the ditsy plugs? The one i got was off an 88 I believe, had the square 4 pin on the ditsy. My car has the round 4 pin, so I simply swapped the ditsy harness. I will look closer at them to double check the wires match up the same. Is the difference the actual wiring coming off the crank angle sensor itself? Correct me if I'm wrong, you are saying I can take the green and white wire from the ditsy and swap/splice so it has the green hooked up to the white and vice versa?


Responded in your other thread.


Swap is actually on the ECU boards, swapped pins 17 and 8. Workaround is to rearrange the disty wires.

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I have an 87 gl wagon with the spfi engine in it. The coil has 12v on both sides, with no pulse. The distributor is only get 5 volts when the book says it should be 10. Yhe coil is sending power through the wite that goes to the top of the disty where the rest of the spark plug wires go. Any ideas

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Also does

Would the same diagnostics pertain to an 87 gl-10 (ea82) ? I'm having the same issues.

what are the numbers on your ecu. I want to make sure i have the right one in it

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