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EA81 Wagon V6/RWD Conversion

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I have an EA81T Wagon with a blown engine, and in the same garage I have a low mile 200HP 3.5L V6 (LX9) from a 2005 Chevy. I have no use for either of them, so why not do something stupid...


I'm thinking of using a T5 transmission from a Camaro which will bolt to the engine. Or Isuzu used a Borg Warner 5-speed in their 2WD trucks that is also compatible. Or if I want to be a madman, I have an Isuzu MUA5 with married transfer case. ;)


So, my first question: What will need done to delete the front drive?

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Project Isuzubaru will be commencing shortly. I'm going to block up the body and drop the subframes soon. I took some measurements today, it looks very doable.


My '83 Turbo Wagon



My '89 Trooper (on 30x9.5 tires, with blown engine)



My 200hp 3.5 V6 (GM LX9) engine.



A worn out 31x10.5.


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I don't know about the rate of progress, but I have all the parts and it could be pretty cool. I haven't welded much since taking a few years of metal shop in high school. I'm going to pick up some equipment and see what I can do. :D


I have the subbie up on blocks now. This is a 235/75R15 on an Isuzu 15x7 alloy. Wheel will actually be rearward a bit and fender trimmed but I've figured that's roughly the height it will sit. Maybe a little higher.



Now I have to drop the subframes and other bits off the Subaru, and knock the body off my parts Trooper.

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I'm assuming that too, but I don't know. I've been distracted by a boat that I'm trying to get running for my brother, so I haven't been working on the Subaru much.


I've actually removed most of what I'm going to remove on the Subaru, I need to pull the Isuzu frame now to see exactly how things will line up.

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v6 should fit.. i put a brat on 75 bronco frame and the 302 v8 fits in engine bay with some mods to right frame rail narrowing... has mustang headers. maybe with difrent manifolds no frame mods would be neccassry . my next attempt will be v8 drag brat..... sleeper style . will look stock and slow till i gas it:Flame:

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