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6 year oil change interval for reals

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Just did oil change on my 91 Civic Si hatchback.


-went to Chicago and back yesterday to pick up a BRAT RB, so decided to do the oil change today after returning. Last oil change was in july of 2005 at miles 64,350


So i changed it today, Sep 10, 2011 miles 67,900


I averaged 40.2 mpg on this trip, and 2 hours of that was city driving in Chi traffic.

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I'm not sure if I Got the Idea...


From 64,350 to 67,900 Miles... that Oil only was inside the Brat's engine for 3,550 Miles only?


Was that Subie Sat / unused for Long Time?


its Arguably, but you can leave the Oil unchanged if the car is not Driven for Long time, but the Engine Needs for sure to be Started at least twice at Month to Prevent it from Seize.


Kind Regards.

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You dont need to start the engine twice a month, just cover the air intake so moisture wont get in it.


Oil sitting for six years, I wouldnt drive on it as the additives may have broken down from being open to the air. The fuel vapors from the last operation and moisture can make an acid. Odds are you are ok.


What i WOULD be worried about is the fuel system, coolant and brake fluid.

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coolant got changed prior. I have owned the car a little over 10 years now, so it was for sure due for coolant change.

Fuel system shows no issues, like said it got 600 mile roundtrip getting a hair over 40mpg. Since the car has been "in garage stored. but non heated", didnt think too much about it much. Wouldn't due that on a outside stored car. At one point in the storage for a few years i kept it up on jackstands so i could turn the wheels every so often to check on the brakes to make sure they weren't sticking. No problems there either. Low mileage for sure helps in that the condition is amazing so its not much similar to storing a lot of cars. Hondas are sealed up well if they have low miles.

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