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So the update:

95 impreza 1.8L awd

I recently got the kyb agx struts on all four corners. Adjusted to 3 in the front and 7 in the rear- stiff!!


To day I got new exhaust. Iwent with 2.25" pipe from the cat back with a magna flow staight through muffler. THe car is noticible at wide open throttle but quite humble every where else. I did notice a little more get up and go right off the bottom and a pretty big pull at the top of thirs gear. The mid range didnt change. I also removed my snorkus a while back and installed a K&n.


I believe it pulls better now. Around one of my favorite corners it pullled through the corner (pitched) a lot harder than usual.


But my work is far from complete. The next three rounds of paychecks are going to tires. I am trying to decide between bfg traction t/a -z rated high perform. all-seasons or bridgestone potenza re750 ultra high perform summer radials. Any body had eithertire. Looking to see which is better in dirt. Both ar in the 205/55 r15 size. Leaning toward bfg's.


After that i am going to do th e Pro ecm computer and new sway bars. As far as sway bars, if I go with a 20mm rear, what should I get up front to make it neutral or slight slight slight slight oversteer bias. ( even now with no rear bar when it snap, IT GOES!!!)


Other suggestions are totally welcome and would be appreciated.


Thanx. tyrod

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