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wagon is gettin a face lift

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and when I mean lift, I don't mean an actual lift. The wagon is gettin a new paint job done to it. Startin off cheap but it is look really good. I'm using flat black rattle can BUT since I'm sanding it and putting on a few coats, it is looking pimpin. I got the "new" hood painted, the cowl, and both rear quarter panels done. Next is the doors, then the hatch and the front fenders. Since I'm doin it right, I'm also doin the door jambs by pulling the doors off and painting the jambs. I also pulled the front fenders off and stripped the core support and painted it too. Next I'm pulling the motor and tranny AGAIN and stripping the engine compartment and painting it. I'm gonna put a new undercoat on it after I pull the front suspension and cut the springs to lower it. I then am gonna clean the tranny and paint it the same color as the motor (Ford Dark Blue) and put it back in.


Pics to come because the digital camera is dead but I did manage to snap a few before it died:D:headbang:

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