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Nico's 1986 Subaru Leone Turbo

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well not selling becuase its my other baby now so building a monster out of it ! most of these parts you see are spare parts from my other baby, i might as well put them to good use and build another little toy like my gl-10.




found a xt6 5mt for all the parts i need from what i been reading around here









well this is the motor going in it ej22t block.. im waitting on, manley rods, acl bearings, wiseco pistons, arp head studs, and cometic head gaskets.



this is the crank ej20g type ra



also vf37 twin scroll set up



STi ej20k intake manfiold



also got a autronic kicking around for this car



spare mann hummel provent 200



just got my extra heads back everything is good and ready to rock ej20k STi



also might as well use this on this build since its only going to be used in the summer car







coming soon

5x100 set up, subaru 4pot 2pot, some light weight rims 16" with pure racing slicks becuase its only a car i will drive in the summer time.


i forget the rest for now but enjoy.


also this is my other build


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^ lol why do people start things on here and don't finish ?... you don't have to worry over here its going down.


the car is getting put away for winter, and in the winter i will strip that xt6 scrap it and build the motor + tranny...


also i have a svx rad from my old svx that i owned and scrap, i measured it up and looks like it will fit perfect in the gl-10 body.


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Dude that 6 looks clean. Keep it alive. But if you must im sure someone will by the dash trim and column trim in a heartbeat

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Nico, I've read your thread on RS liberty - keen to know more about this XT6 radiator as I think it might be just what I'm looking for.  Where did you get yours?

I need more details about the outlets as we don't get the XT6 down under so I can't look it up in one of our parts manuals (might double check that!).  Basically want to know if the lower outlet points up like the stock EA82 radiator does.

Hope the build is going well.  I think this thread needs an update ;)



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