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Somewhere there is an awesome thread about replacing the instrument cluster bulbs- it had how to do it, bulb part numbers from Advance Autoparts, info about LED bulbs, etc... can anyone direct me toward that thread? I haven't been able to relocate it. Thanks!



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It really is easy to do. Here is a general direction


Lower the steering wheel. Look at the surround and there will be four screws, two top and two bottom, feel for the bottom ones as they all point up.


Once you get the surround off you may have to unplug some switches or pop them out of the surround.


You will now have the gauge cluster staring at you. there are four screws holding it in. Undo those screws. There are obvious electrical connectors on the back (top) of the cluster. Disconnect those. Now there (again general instructions) there may be one more connector in the center rear of the cluster. This is one plug with two wires. This is the spedo input, unplug this. Now the entire cluster will come out. The bulbs are the std bulbs.



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