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I own my Subaru "BumbleBeast" since new, in 1985, but this Writeup is Not regarding that wagon, This is regarding the other yellow wagon I had for short time, which originally was purchased as a "Parts Car" and then was turned onto my Subaru Loyale 2.7 Turbo Project.


It lasted some years, it was fun, but the turbo was never attempted to be installed, although I had the EA82T pistons on a shelf... the Overheating and other issues demotivated me; and now that 2.7 Wagon is Dead, was in a huge frontal crash, you can read the whole story in the Following web link:


~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/113641-could-this-be-the-end-of-my-27-project/


However, I did a restoration to the Body of that 2.7 Wagon, and here I will share the step by step procedures that I followed, plenty of detailed photos, that I hope might be useful for you.


First of all, the Previous owner of this Wagon had a Short Garage, so the Rear part was sticking outside, the caribbean rainy weather thcharacter0292.gif in Honduras had rusted parts of it that I had repaired in the Past. But Now, I Decided to first, Remove all the Paint and everything else to expose the bare Metal Sheet.






inside and outside, I removed Everything!




Surprise! ... I Discovered that the area around the Fuel Filler cap of the Car had a Minor Hit that Pushed one inch the Sheetmetal to the inside, and the Previous Owner, instead of Fixing that, covered the area with Bondo; and it was even Worse: There was Rust Hiding behind that! thangry.gif




So I Used a Tool to Remove that Bondo:



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I Removed Everything and this is how the Rust was:




it even went to the inside!  thcant20be.gif




So I ended Removing all the Damaged Metal Sheet from the Car:






Lookin' from the inside:




it also had some Rust on the Other Side:



inside Pic:



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I Obtained a Used red Door from a 1990's Toyota Hi-Lux, its Metal Sheet was like New and seemed to be made in even Better Quality than the one on my Subie... I Cut some Metal sheets from that Red Door, then I Molded their Shape and Tested How they fit.



Here you can see the bigger one for the Passenger's side:





Here you can see the one for the Driver's side:





Then the Welding Party Started: thcool5.gif





This is How it Looked like, after being just Welded:








After Deep Cleansing the Areas (inside & Outside)

I Started to Cover all the inside with a Premium Anti-Rust Product:











With Special Care to cover the Electric Stuff around:





This is the Power Windows' main control unit, on which I swapped a Standard "Bosch" Relay, instead the crappy round one it had from factory; you can see the Relay Swap procedure, explained here:


~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/87523-how-to-swap-the-old-roundie-relays-with-standard-bosch-relays/

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add Link to the Relay Writeup

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Time for Fine Sand Paper and Primer.




Slowly started to Look Better:




Here, the Primer Coat was Applied:






Then Sanded Down and another Primer Coat was applied:




The Other Side:





Preparing the Whole Car for a New Finish:


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The day was Rainy ... you can see Mud Spills on the Primer. But it was Washed out clean and Dried , then I used sand paper on the Rest of the car, then Primer, then more sand paper on the primer, then more Primer... you know ...until it was Ready for the First coats of Yellow Paint.

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The Body Restoration was Finished, I Washed Clean the Carpets and the Seats,


also the Door Panels; then I put it back together.





Disclaimer: Use all the information & Photos I share, at your own Risk!


If you find this information & photos, Useful, Let me know by hitting the "Like" Button :D

Kind Regards.

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