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The Awesome Older Generation Picture Thread

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A Beautiful Gen I Subaru Rex, between a SsangYong Double Cab Pick Up and a Nissan... Somehow looks like a Parkin' lot in a Shopping Mall of my Country, we have pretty much the Same Cars  :D 



look what i found...




I was Following a Two Cyl. Rex the other day, said: "Subaru 700" Behind... Those are getting scarse since the Lack of Dealer & Aftermarket support, as you can Read: ~► Here.


Kind Regards.

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After sitting for two months, I finally did my engine swap! With only ~100 miles on the new engine, I decided to take her on a pretty easy easy trail! It was a good feeling to be back in the woods with the Soob again.  :)


Scraped the ground with the towing hitch. A lift would've helped, but nothing too bad:




Probably about a 200 ft cliff straight down into a stream/creek:




Uh oh! My first trail "damage." When I was backing down the hill in the first picture, I ripped off a fog light.  :Flame: Went back, found the light, and put it back on:



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I think I've seen this Modified Brat around Here...


It is from Guatemala, Central America, very Very near to Honduras


(We're Neighbour countries)  :D 


















Also, I'll like to know Background info on that "Flyin' Engine" Drawing, it is Nice!


Kind Regards.

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It's from the How To Keep Your Subaru Alive '72 Thru 84 edition, chapter 17. The artist is Joe Leahy

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Whose Remember the Subaru Tortoise? 






It was made by Subaru, Based on a Chassis of the Subaru Sambar (360) Van,


for the Japanese TV Series: KAIKI DAISAKUSEN ... More information Here, as Usual:



Kind Regards.

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Yes,Very nice Subaru! 

Knowing the Japanese and their quirks, I am betting that none of us here in the States would even FIT in the silly little thing.

it would be teeny.

those guys in the photo probably average 5'5 and about 110# maybe.

(that isn't a racist statement by the way, I'm half Japanese and when I visited my relatives over there I was WAAY TALLER than...well...everybody! I was constantly hitting my head against doorways there, and I'm only 6' 2"!)

Like I said, I'm half, Dad was a Texan!


The Tortoise is not running the 4 X 140 wheels, those look almost like...well...with the lugs apparently on the perimeter of the hub...just under...yes, I see it now, look, see...right...there! they are right around the inner portion of the rim itself...kind of like the mobile home wheels (murphy wheels), or...VW?


Likely something unique and unusual to match the rest of the vehicle...


By the by, French for Tortoise is Tortue, which after being Anglicized (butchered and adulterated) becomes the well known word "Tortoise". (it could also be the root of the word torture i suppose)

Odd though, here in the states the turtle and the tortoise are distinctive, (Sea turtle, Desert Tortoise)


Oh well...Much for to learn still.

(and the more I know, the more I become acutely aware of how stupid I truly am) 


And life goes on.




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