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Any interest? OEM EA radio ponderings

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Sure, pin out for the headunit side of the DIN is:


From left to right


White - Black - Blue - Yellow - Red


Black = left

Blue = ground

Yellow = right



White and red where what I thought would need to be connected to mute the am/fm input. But so far they are 100% not needed in my case.

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is that looking at the back of the head unit, or with the case off, looking from the inside out (same as looking at the cable)?

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looking at the connector.


I think....


It really doesnt matter though. Audio ground is on top, in the middle, and L and R audio + are simple to the left and right of the ground.

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Well, the aux-in aspect of this little project is DONE! :clap:

The off road lights are hooked up to that switch now too.


I still have to install the sending unit for the oil PSI gauge, but everything else is finished up.


A bit of solder and heat shrink.... With the exception of the lead from the gauge to the sending unit, and the switch to the off road lights, everything used the OEM connectors. I even used the ash tray light pigtail for 12v and ground to the off road light switch :brow:


Gauge turns on at key-on, and you can change the backlight color. I chose it for the green to go with the green digidash.

Off road light switch gets power when clearance lights are turned on.


here are some pics.







And finally...




One more note worth mentioning...


This style head unit that does NOT have a 5-pin DIN pigtail coming out of the back of the head unit is a VERY tight fit once you plug that cable in. I had to massage that cable end pretty good to get it to fit. It was hitting the air box.


I did get it to fit, but it still hits.


The head units with 5-pin DIN pigtails should not have this problem.

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For the gauge? Not even worth it. That gauge was cheap for a reason.


Soon to be replace with this guy




Digital oil PSI and Temp


And should illuminate like this...



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It works!


A silly note though.... it seems that the switch is 100% NOT needed. At least on the two head units I have. When I plug my IPhone into the new 3.5mm jack, the radio signal cuts off 90+% there is still a VERY slight signal, but with the IPhone volume up more than 50%, and head unit volume adjusted accordingly, you cannot hear it at all, even when there is no music.




I just installed this, without the switch of course, and am having the same experience. This is great! I love it!!

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