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'05 Forester Automatic Transmission Issue

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Any thoughts on this one folks? Any guidance is appreciated! 05 Forester, auto trans, non-turbo with 63,000 miles, almost all around town in so cal. Never with mismatched tires. Started off at @ 48K miles slow to engage in drive when cold(give it gas when in gear, revs engine, no accelaration). Fluid levels were fine. Had dealer service with fluid and filter replaced. Seemed a bit better for a while. Then started again at @ 58K miles along with a lag in release from drive and reverse when shifting into park. Especially noticeable after tight turns like after a u-turn or in a parking lot. Another fluid and filter replacement. Better but not perfect. Now, at 63K miles when shifting out of drive or reverse, the trans will not release for @ 1-2 seconds, then releases with a loud clunk. Weird thing is it runs fine in all gears once it is warm. The cold lag to accelerate is intermittent. Wondering if this is transmission, or differentials? Again, fluid level good and fluid is clean.

Thanks in advance!

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