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Where could I Find a Cooler temp Thermoswitch for my EA82 BumbleBeast?

The Stock EA82 one is designed to start the electric Fan at 203º F while the EA82 Turbo one is Designed to Kick on at 200º F. I am Looking for something even Cooler to swap there, Because I am Removing the Fixed Pulley Driven Fan and installing another Electric fan instead, as you can read
~► Here.

So, does anybody know of a Cooler thermoswitch and its part Number or Make/model of the car?

Kind Regards.

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OK, I'll do that search...

I was hoping that there could be a Direct Bolt-on Replacement.

Our caribbean Hot Climates makes me to be Afraid about not having the Pulley Driven Fan and the stock electric fan is designed to start when the Temp gauge are Above the Middle as an "Auxiliary" fan because the main fan is the permanent one, moved by the Waterpump & Belts... Also the Electric fan kicks on, whenever the A/C is on.

Kind Regards.

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Yes, the Stock one comes with a Twin wires' pigtail connector... (my BumbleBeast came from California, USA) ...the replacement I Obtained at the Subaru Dealer (Long years ago), is identical to the Stock one, but has the Twin spades connector built in because it was for the LADM (Latin American Domestic Market) Specs; the only difference is the Connector itself, the temperatures are the same: Both Kicks on at 203º F and has the same thread & Size.

Kind Regards.

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If you can't find something to work, my hayden 3647 fan controller costs $20-25 USD at O'rielly's and can be set anywhere between 160-210 degrees F.. It can be used on any fan, comes prewired for an optional auxiliary fan, A/C override and creates less resistance in the circuit than a stock switch. It also uses a probe you push through the radiator fins so you don't have to monkey around with the stock thermo switch bung. I all took me about 25-30 mins to install and dial in. My rig warms up fast because theres no fan turning when cold, but never gets above the middle of the gauge.


If you go this route you could wire a light to the old OEM switch to one of the fans as a backup in case your nearing an overheat and/or wire a warning light to it to let you know sometings wrong


I didn't realize you asked me for pics of my setup in your other post. I can get you some pics if you still want.



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I believe you.
Just have the other style on my 86 and 88 xt
Maybe california models got the pigtail style...


Well, I found it!


This is the Old original pigtailed Thermoswitch:





This is the New one that I Had as Replacement, long years ago:




This Pigtailed Thermoswitch has the Part Number: 83052GA041

and it has its Temperature stamped in Celcius Degrees,


as we use in Latin-America: 92º C equals to 198º F




The other Style:





Has the Part Number: 83052GA040


and it has its Temperature stamped in Fahrenheit Degrees:


203º F equals to 95º C

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So, on the EA82 engines I Found that...

  • the Pigtailed connector Thermoswitch, it designed to Kick on at 198º F
  • the twin spades connector Thermoswitch Kicks on at 203º F
  • the Turbo (EA82T) Thermoswitch Kicks on at 200º F

...Does anybody Know if there are any Lower temperature Thermoswitch I Can place on my Subie's Radiator? :confused:

Kind Regards.

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Seems like I'm the First one investigating for a Cooler temp Thermo Switch.


So, the Thread measurements for the Original Subaru Thermo Switch, are:






Yes, 16 X 1.5 Pitch...

interesting, since Many Many cars came with that Same Measurement for Thermo Switches, according to the Beck Arrnley Thermoswitch Listings.


Beck Arnley Thermo Switches are Made in italy, of Good Quality Brass, I Found the Replacement Right for the EA82 engine:




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  • 1 month later...

I just put the one above your post in the other day. Works fine, $23 on eBay.


Yes that works fine for the Stock EA82 that also has a permanent mechanical Fan, because it is how factory intended to use the electric fan: As Auxiliar, so It comes ON at 203º F (95º C) and that is Hotter than I should run permanently my BumbleBeast without the mechanical fan...


Remember: I wanted a "Cooler" temp thermoswitch, because I'm gettin' Rid of the mechanical Fan.  :)

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  • 3 weeks later...


And the Results are Awesome!  :D

So, I Wrote a Complete Writeup about the Solution,


which included other Solutions for the Complete Cooling System.

You can Read it,
~► Here

Kind Regards.

► Edited to fix the Web Link, due to the New USMB's System.

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I answered my own question.


This is a Resume part from the Writeup I Posted. 


(Link on the Previous Post)



...if now the Coolin' System will Depends only on Electric Fans,


They'll need to Start earlier than the Risky 203º F (95º C) for Sure,


due to the Fact that they will be no More "Auxiliary" Fan,


nor a permanent "Mechanical" fan... just Twin Electric Fans.


So I Found that the Subaru's Thermo switch has the Followin' measurements:


M 16 X 1.5 Pitch





And Doing my Research, I found that some Hyundais came with Same


measurements on their Thermo Switches, and certain models came


with Cooler Temperature Ranges than Subarus.




This is the Original Subaru EA82 Thermoswitch and its Part Number:







There are Aftermarket ones too:




But since in my Own Humble Opinion, They're Too Hot to be "Safefor


the head gaskets on long term use on the EA82 without the Mechanical fan;


I Found This one:




It Belongs to a Hyundai Elantra, this is the Part Number chart:





The part number could end in zero or one, because it has variants


for different Hyundai models; no problem; but I Kindly suggest you


to use the part number from the Hyundai part's Box, in the Photo.



Here you can See Both Thermo Switches Compared Side by Side,


and their Temperature Ranges in fahrenheit and Centigrades:




This is the New, Hyundai Thermo Switch:






Testing it to fit onto the Subaru's Radiator:




Already plugged in:




Same Measurements at All.



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It has over a Month of Hard Driving and Works Awesome!


When my BumbleBeast reaches the Operating Temperature and the Twin Fans starts, they work for only a Minute and the engine needs Ten Minutes to reach the Opening temperature again, when I tested the car on a Closed Garage.


I Hope this Solution can Help.


Kind Regards.

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