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Insert vacuum line here?

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I'm having trouble with a carby to an ea81 (hitachi). The sucker does NOT want to idle on it's own and sounds as though it wasn't getting enough fuel. I've checked the fuel filter, it's not clogged. The fuel pump is pumping like a champ, the jets are clean enough to eat with and the float is fine as well. The choke also appears to be functioning as it should. Now I'm looking at vacuum lines and they are all going where they go but I found a rogue port on the carb that doesn't seem to go anywhere (pictured)




Does anyone know where this one goes? all the vacuum lines seem to be in use so I have no clue what to hook it up to. Can it be blocked off?



P.S. the timing and valves are also adjusted nicely and the motor has great throttle response when it's warmed up. it just wants to die if i allow it to drop below 1500 rpm.



Any help or .02 cents is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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It goes to one of the small metal tubes directly below the carb.There should be a vacant one on the passenger side.


Offhand,I`m not sure if you can block that one,but,it is going to be better blocked than open.

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plugged the hole. now the idle is much more smooth, but it is still a pain to get it just to fire. spark plugs are clean and i adjusted the valves about a week ago.


when cranking the engine over, sometimes it'll sound like it's about to start so i let off the starter. the engine coughs and that's the end of that.


the engine is still dying at idle. maybe i got the gap on one of the valves wrong? :confused:


now i would really rather just go buy a weber and be done with this. but i still need to smog this sucker, and a smog guy will fail the visual if he sees a weby. :( also i'm partially motivated to keep with this carby because it seems to still be usable and it would be nice to keep the motor's equipment as original as possible.

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Used a much thicker gasket to seal the carb to the intake manifold better and that solved the lean running. but now i can't get the idle down under 1500 revs even with the fuel screw all the way in and the idle screw not even touching the throttle. i managed to get it down to 1200, but when i take it around the block it wants to die as soon as i get on the clutch.

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