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6" EA81 Lift Block Specs

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Alright guys... So I was wondering if anyone had specs for lift blocks. I am planning to do 2x2x6 Blocks and just tie them all together with 1x2 or 2x2 Tube. Also planning on boxing them all in too.

Ive been checking out the forums searching for exact specs to drill the holes for the blocks but I can not find anything. Should I just drill them all right in the center? As well what are the od dimensions for the strut tower pipe? I have 5 1/2 inch od pipe to use. Too big? could you use square tube or no? And its a 22 degree angle cut right? Cut it like /=/ or like this /=\? As well I need the specs for the plates that go in between and the dimensions. It would go alot quicker to cut everything at once. I have access to a full machine shop and don't have a whole lot of cash otherwise id just buy a sjr lift. I have a 1/4 inch thick and 5.5 od pipe i was going to use for the struts.


Sorry for all the questions I just really want to get my soob lifted asap.

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strut blocks get cut like this /=/ when mounted should pull the top of the strut in towards the engine bay. I am using 4" pipe on mine (about 4.25 OD) I think 5.5 would be too big and end up right on the strut bolts the 4.25 barely leaves enough room from what I can see. there are others with more experience but from what I have done too mine so far I don't think anything bigger than 4" schedule 40 pipe would work. I am not sure on the angle for an ea81 but it was about 15 for my ea82 86 wagon here is my thread also my first subaru build so I will probably change things along the way



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22 degrees is for an EA71


14 degrees is for a EA81


4" pipe is used for EA82 lifts and I don't think its as critical on EA81's because they mount differently. The strut blocks are the hardest part and shouldn't be rushed, if you screw this up your rig can have bad driving characteristics and possibly eat tires. Take your time and do your homework before cutting your material up.


greentowtruck, On EA82's 15 degrees might give you a harsh positive chamber, but 17 degrees will give you zero chamber. I cut mine to 18 degrees to give it a little negative chamber and now it handles better than stock, even without a swaybar. Heres a thread on chamber angles and strut lift angles:



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