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Any videos of an ej22 in a Gen 1Brat.

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Hey, I found the thread :)


I've been helping with this project; I'm doing the wiring harness for the EJ22 and have been providing advice as needed too, which has been a little challenging as Gen 1 cars are hard to find with projects like this done right.

Originally the project was going to use an EJ22T but someone at Spaldings "lost track of the engine" (sold it to himself probably) that was on reserve.


The fabrication for this job looks pretty great; I'll be taking some pics of it to post in a little bit. True that this EJ22 is no substitute for a turbo motor, but with this driveline, it'll be a totally different car from when it had the EA71. :burnout:

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Thanks. The swap is getting really close to being done. Just a hole bunch of little things to do. Like wiring and paint the engine bay. I recently put on 2000 Forester wheels and made the little brat look pretty mean. Also I bought a 91 SS Turbo parts car"Factory 5 Speed" to start building the motor and trans to swap in at a later date. It only took me 6 months to find that EJ22T LOL. So more pics to come and the video that nobody has of the Gen1 Brat rallying.

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Ok so while my motor is pulled out to finish up little things.. I decided to go get a 2002 2.5 short block with 100k to build a franken motor that everyone is talking about. This brat is getting a turbo motor ej22t but for now I will see what everyone is talking about. So here is the list..

02 2.5 stock shortblock

91 ej22 Dual port heads

91 ej22 intake and wiring

02 2.5 head gaskets

General D had to say something about the higher comp!!!! LOL


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