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Clock spring interchange: 01 Forester > 98 Forester?

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I need to put a new clock spring into our 98 Forester. There were a couple used ones online, but they've all escaped me. There's a guy on eBay selling one out of a 01, which he describes as "S MODEL WITH ID# 6HL2035337".


I can't tell from the Opposed Forces page if SOME 01' models interchange to my 98, or if they all do. Can someone with more experience with that page give me some quick help?


The cruise being dead is no big deal, but the horn stopped working and now the car is way out of date for inspection because I keep not getting to this issue.









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I'd ask LMDEW or mdjdc as they have Forester parts. Also, post/look over on subaruforester.org.


The '98 was an 'odd' year as it had the EJ25D engine and other differences, but was basically the same 'til the '03 model upgrade, minus a few cosmetic differences in '01 - CARS101.com.


Don't forget you should be able to use an Impreza CS, too.



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