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I bought a set of Toyo tires 18 months ago and rotated them with each oil change at 5-6000 miles. I parked the car in my driveway over the weekend when I was on vacation. I got home today and found one tire flat. Upon taking it to the gas station, they found 3 nails and 2 bubbles on the inside sidewall. I then took the tire to STS, where I bought the tires and the extended warranty. They measured the tread on the bad tire as well as my remaining 3 tires to compare with a brand new same model Toyo and the tread measurement was 2/32 (1/16) off between the old and new. Is this within tolerance to replace just a single tire? I was going to replace them all over the summer when cash isn't as tight (tax season) and figured I could use this as a full size spare when I do. Or is it within spec that I should just buy a second and keep them for a while. Or should I just replace everything now.


Any thoughts?

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