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2012 100 Acre Wood Rally, anyone following it

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Yea....kinda following it :-p



We're here. got 2nd in class, and 4th overall of the regional competitors yesterday, and currently sitting 5th overall and 3rd in class today (2 more stages since we last saw times).


Coming into service yesterday:



We had a slight off today, dented the driver's door, and got a flat tire. Also broke a front endlink (we're running tubular front control arms, based off the WRC design, and it must be designed to run a wider sway bar).




Lots of carnage. Fast Eddy rolled his Fiesta hard. Managed to throw a new windshield in at service tonight and got back out.


Crazy Leo has had many issues. Had a flat tire, and drove about 8 hard stage miles on the flat. Including the famous cattle grate jump:


Then he broke a tie rod, somehow bandaged it to keep going, but the fix let go, and he wound up in a tree.


Antoine Lestage had a shifter issue that forced him to retire yesterday.


Ken block chewed up the front of his Fiesta pretty fierce on stage 13 or 14 today. But they obviously came prepared, as they had all new body panels on it after the second service.


Bill Caswell rolled his 325ix as well. Although I guess he's going to go home and get his 318i and run WRC Mexico anyway.



There's a Geo Metro with a Hyabusa motor as well. Don't know the driver at all, but the thing was freakin wicked. Appears to have DNFed though....don't know the story there.


David Higgins appears to have run a very clean race. Had a side skirt get peeled off the codriver side of the car, but nothing major.


Adam Yeoman is burning it up. If his new car is half as amazing as it sounds, he will be the guy to watch over the next year or so. Facebook post as of a few moments ago says 6th overall :clap:


Tyler Witte slid into a tree on the driver's door HARD. No damage to prevent him from continuing today, but that cage will need new door bars at least before entering any future events.


Christy Carlson has been running GC STi rear diff and axles in her GD WRX sedan. Her crew chief had a rear axle snap on his way back from tech inspection. Apparently the shorter axles (narrower track) were stretched so badly, it broke the axle shaft, cracked the DOJ cup, and tweaked the snaprings preventing either axle from being removed from the diff. We offered our assistance, and were so worried that the amount of force required to remove the remains of the stub from the diff would cause too much damage to the diff. So we welded up the cracks, and put a strap around it, and put a new axle in it. She was still running strong at the last service.





Justin Pritchard is insanely fast for an Open Light (AWD, non turbo) car. He beat out the Krolikowskis by over 3 minutes (which is extremely impressive, as Henry has been racing for 25ish years, and in rally, in the midwest, in this car, for about 10).




Friday service area:







Just saw the results.

Ken Block

David Higgins

Krzysztof Holowczyc




Chris Duplessis

Andrew Comrie-Picard

Dillon Van Way


7th, 8th, and 9th overall respectively

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Thanks guys. Of the 62 cars that started, we finished with combined standings (both days, National and regional) in 15th place overall. Yea, we're pretty proud of that.


Trip home was a bit rough. 60+ degrees and sunny when we left sunday morning, and snowing pretty hard here in Duluth when I got home. Had a trailer wheel fall off in Des Moines, 5 studs sheered off, 6th one bent up pretty good, but with the nut still on it. Never found the wheel....


After a few tries, managed to find some studs that fit, and got it all put back together. Delayed us about 3 hours. I was on the road for about 17 hours to travel that ~800 miles. I also switched from BFG All Seasons to Blizzaks in Minneapolis.




Fast Eddy's crash:

Pretty amazing to have a wreck like that and still finish!!

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