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82' Brat (Picture Warning)

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Well, finally got a 1982 Brat - Picked it up in Arizona and drove it roughly 400 miles with minimal issues back to southern California! Keep in mind this thing has pretty much been sitting for the last 4 years. It needs a new tailgate and rear bumper, but other then that it's not in too bad of shape.


The couple we bought it from loved it, had restored it once, put a new out of the box engine in it that they put about 30,000 miles on, and then parked it. It has deteriorated again from pretty much lack of use. The BRAT logo is painted in a holographic paint and looks really cool.


Pretty excited to start the makeover process, however this being the first Subaru I've ever owned, I need as much help as possible. Also anyone who is interested in helping in southern California is welcome to come hands on or if you have services to offer let me know.



IMG_1292 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1287 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1289 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1291 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1250 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1301 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1300 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1298 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1275 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1277 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1302 by 27605, on Flickr


Also have the back seats for it, but need the head rest parts!!


IMG_1310 by 27605, on Flickr


Issues that I know about:


Needs a new ignition switch.



IMG_1276 by 27605, on Flickr


Some broken lines.



IMG_1252 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1253 by 27605, on Flickr


Both CV Boots.



IMG_1256 by 27605, on Flickr


I need to get all the fluids flushed and new ones put in, tranny is also extremely low.



IMG_1258 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1259 by 27605, on Flickr



IMG_1264 by 27605, on Flickr

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My intention is to get this back into awesome condition, but have some mods on mind;



Slightly bigger tires



Suspension upgrades?


Any comments/crits are welcome, thanks for looking!

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Looks like a good base for restoration. :)


Its interesting... this is yet another Brat I've seen where people put '80-'81 grills and headlight bezels on an '82.


Since yours is a GL, it would have had a passing lamp (aka cyclops/center/grill lamp). Maybe by some shred of luck it is still under the grill on it now?


The original looked like this:





And you can see the center/grill lamp here:





I kind of have a thing for '82s. :lol:


Have fun with her. :headbang:

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Welcome aboard !


Nice looking '82. Like the color of it...

Have one myself, Black with Gray interior.


Rear bumper is "BRAT only" to clear the tailgate when it's down. So keep that in mind when searching for a replacement.

Hard to tell from the pics, but thinking I would see about straightening it, but that's just me...


Trim piece for the top of the tailgate is sort of a "hard to find" piece.

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Appreciate it everyone!


Have some starter questions-


1) What type & weight engine oil & filter do you prefer to use?

2) What type of transmission oil do you prefer to use?


@Uber, unfortunately the third lamp is gone - I would really like to find the original for it though considering I have the switch. It did have the grill replaced so I'm at a loss there!


@Tom, I'll see if it can be straightened. That didn't really cross my mind, but the less I have to spend the better.

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So I tossed some 75/90 tranny in it because it started making this obnoxious noise! I figured it was just low on fluids at first, but it kept doing it. I took a video of it, I had a guy tell me it was most likely the throwout bearing - Your thoughts?



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The clunking around noise sound like the clutch. A friend of mine had a honda that was making the same noise and thats what it was. The whine-y noise is probably the throwout bearing.

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