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Sweet Datto! What are those Chevy rims off of exactly?

I thnk they're of a 70s 4wd Blazer. They're like 15"x8", and pretty popular for Datsuns.

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you guys could pretty much put any wheel PCD on your car, in a couple different ways.   you can do this redrill, or get adapters.   with the redrill, you just need to be super acurate with the holes cause it looks to me that these setups are lug centric, the wheel is centered by the placement of the lugs.   i've done a few redrills on vw's, but vw's are hub centric so if one or even 2 lugs are off a tad, the wheel center's its self on the hub.  if the hub is not the same size as the wheel your putting on, they have hub centric rings to make up the difference.   and if your lug is significanly off, you can get a wobble lug bolt/nut (also know as variation lug bolt/nut) to make up the difference.  i've even used them for on my wifes car to put a 5x114 wheel on her 5x112 hub without a redrill, using the factory holes.   here's a picture of the latest redrill i did, its for my quantum that was originally 4x100, i put 5x120 wheels on. 


in the background you can see the adapter, in this case i used it as a template.  if i dont have one, i usually just use the wheel as a template, i just make sure that i make the wheel centered on the hub (hub centric) before i center punch the holes.  i use a common home depot drill press to do this, nothing special.  i even once left the hub on the car and used a hand drill, but it was not nearly as accurate.  i definately needed wobble bolts in that setup.   also, its probably useful to point out that i always use lug bolts.   this may or may not have solved your problem with the stud backing out.  when your using a stud, you have 2 threads to torque correctly, with a lug bolt you only have one, so its easier.   just a little more of pain to line up when your putting wheel on.  


adapters.   there are a few company's that make them.   the one pictured above is 4x100->5x120, 18mm thick and made by Adaptec.   they can be pricey, $300-400 for a set of 4.   i didn't use them on this setup anymore cause they pushed the wheel out a bit to much and i was rubbing on the inner fender.   they can make adapters for most conversions, 4 to 4 lug, 4 to 5 lug, even 4 to 6 lug, and vice versa.  they also can do them at different thickness's as well.  many people dont think they're safe, but i've run many sets under some pretty horrid conditions and had no issues.   the key is to install them correctly, if you dont torque them right, its user error....  i've put many many miles on them, taken massive pot holes and bridge junctions that put my car our of commission and the adapters took the beating when my car couldnt. 

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