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1984 Subaru 4x4 Sedan

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There's an old lady who drives around in a real clean one around here... next time I see it there will be a note on her window. (:

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Like thisMyCarWCSS10.jpg


That was me at WCSS 9 or 10 (Astoria, OR)


They are pretty rare. Only made for one model year, 84, and only in the USA. All were equipped with Hitachi carbed EA81 with a 3AT automatic.


Most also had a few upgrades. Mine has A/C, P. Steering, P. Windows, Sunroof, and was a Digi-dash, although it's been converted :(:):confused:



They could possibly be the rarest U.S. model that era. Perhaps a few less turbo coupes?


I won't consider selling mine for at least another 20-30 years.

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