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Sunday morning 4/15/2012 Cafeine and Carburetors New Canaan CT Bugati Veyron to VW's

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Possibly the best meet on the planet.


Big statement !!! Show up and see why.


Downtown by the train station. Zumbach's coffee shop is where you want to end up but the entire street and various lots will be chock full of all kinds of vehicles from classic to exotic. Some dang cool motorcycles too.

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Well , I'll try but I doubt there'll be too many Subarus there.


Last meet of the year in November 2011 there were around 65 Ferraris





Check these out on this page !! Yeeeeoooooww!!! http://www.caffeineandcarburetors.com/?page_id=559



Yeah , I'm a burger flipper compared to these cats so its like HIDE my Subaru in a lot :lol: Too much money arond here. :horse:

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Another mighty fine showing. Be sure to check back at their website for updated pics.


Slight sample:








These shots were taken fairly early as cars and bikes were still arriving even after I left around 10:15AM Too many pretentious yuppie scum around to thoroughly enjoy the moment for too long.


"Oh , you own a Ferrari too , was that you I saw with the top down ..... blah blah blah" They all just want to prance and pose for each other. So pathetic for folks with so much. I said a big UP YOURS by having my beater '78 4WD wagon there in its rough state of being. Got a huge vote of approval from a guy with young kids who thought my car was the most realistic and his absolute favorite !!!!

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