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Yea, Crazy Leo is definitely crazy!! I remember seeing that video and the pictures of the aftermath when that happened. That car has so much carbon fiber on it, I bet it cost a fortune to fix. But a couple weeks later, he had it down at 100 Acre Wood. I couldn't find a single sign of the accident. The car looked as good new.


Facebook photo of how he finished. Hopefully it shows up...



At SnoDrift, he bent a control arm. Apparently they didn't have a spare, so they took one of their recce car, pounded the bent one straightish, and swapped them. He finished 3rd overall, but at the finish teardown, they found that his cat had come apart, and he was given like 8 minutes in penalties....


Then at 100Acre..

Getting air with a flat tire:



couple more facebook pictures...

broken tie rod:



how that ended:




If those picture links don't work, here's his facebook page:



And jump to about 6:40 in this video to see his other front tire come apart in slow motion:

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