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Loyale 4wd rear crossmember?

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Well my ol sub to a big dump today the rear suspension crossmember broke off on the inboard side of the mount on the drivers side. Every website I look at has the 2wd crossmember but states 4wd is discontinued!? Heres the stupid part of the question are they the same? I can't just ditch the car I've got to much dough rapped up in it. Is there a way to cobble it back together with a pipe inside?


When the horse is dead whack it til it revives! :horse:




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Except for the mount for the diff, are there any other differences in the 2wd one? If that's the only difference, I wonder if one could just cut it off the old one, or fab a new diff mount.


I've had to do the same replacement on mine, besides finding the part, it's a pretty easy job.

You unbolt everything from the tube, then just take the tube off.

Here's right before I started unbolting the tube.


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I had an xt with this problem so i jammed a pipe in it. Worked great.


Normally i wouldnt do that but it knocked and there was no tittle.

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