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pulling an engine with AC

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I am doing a clutch tomorrow on a gen one wagon with AC. I have done many clutch jobs, pulled many engines. Never on a car with AC though. what is the best way to handle the AC as far as ease and mess. ie where do you disconnect what. I have no idea if the AC works in this car anyways if that makes a difference in how you would handle it.

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Don't open up any A/C bits. There are a few bolts holding it down, but none require opening the system--just contorting your wrist/elbow/body to get to the bottom ones.


Once undone the whole thing will move far enough that you can set the compressor outside the engine bay, resting against the quarter-panel. Just use a towel or something to avoid scratching the paint. Then it is far enough out of the way to slide the motor forward to do teh clutch (no need to fully pull the motor if you don't want, but if you do, it's just a wee bit more wiggling but still no disconnect).

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