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Oil Pressure Light or Gauge?

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Hello all,

I've searched, but could not find.

1985 EA82

I have what appears to be 2 sending units on my oil pump. One big, one smaller. Which one is the sending unit for the light... and which one for the gauge? (there is no gauge yet... it's a digi-dash) Neither one had a wire going to it.

Also... can I just remove the PS pump and lines... plug them at the rack and then drive it for the next 100k? I've heard of a few people doing that. Has anyone ever had any rack problems when doing this?

Thanks for your help... Ron W.

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Ran out in the rain to take a look for you.

Now I'm soaked. Didn't think it was raining that bad... haha no biggie


The connector on round thing is for an oil pressure gauge. The other connector is for the dummy light.:headbang:

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