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Generic cross for ignition transistor

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I tried to cross reference the Hitachi HF8311 transistor amp on the side of the coil. Nothing, doesn't cross to NTE, ECG, ST or even Hitachi semiconductors. I found a batch of surplus HF8311's in Russia, but I only need one, they want to sell 10000.


Anyway, if anyone knows of a direct cross let me know. I could go to the u-pull-it and get it, but that wouldn't be any fun. What I've done is reverse engineer the wiring and an ECG98 look's like it will work. One problem though. The 8311 appears not to be a standard TO-3 darlington. The case is grounded, which would mean this is the emitter and not the collector as in a normal TO-3. Solution is to remote mount the ECG98 on a heat sink with a socket. Just wanted to verify what I've come up with if anyone has any more info.

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go look up the do it your self fuel injection crowd and d.i.y ignition crowd

by doing a search for megajolt and megasquirt

i myself have wondered the same thing just always forget to ask those with the engineering degree's


i am sure you will get a decent answer or even a alternate solution that may work better than just a generic item

i mean hell its how i have my reverse engineered schematics for a msd box


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I too have the schematics for msd. Too much work though. I no longer have the setup to etch pc boards and haven't done it in over 10 years. If the ECG98 will work, it will offer a plug in replacement that functions exactly like the original. Only it will cost around $6-8 instead of the cost of the coil and igniter from SOA.

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