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Lazarus - 1989 RX

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Finally getting underway with my RX project once again. This is been a very slow and painful rebuild process but seeing as Scarlett is finally done, I figure it's time to jump back to him.


Quick storyline. Back in September of 2004, I bought a black '89 RX from a scrapyard for $150. After many engines and headaches, I stripped it and put the drivetrain (minus engine) into my silver '87 GL coupe which became my "RX STi". Since the engine was blown in the coupe, I did a complete FWD 3AT -> FT4wd D/R 5-speed conversion, 5- lug conversion and a new stock EA82 SPFI. Drove the car for awhile but after a dyno session and making 71awhp, it needed more. After an unsuccessful attempt to get an EJ22T swapped and running in it, I sat on the car and did some tinkering. Last summer, I scored another black '89 RX body seeing as a friend bought the car wanting just the suspension and brakes. Sold off a few more parts and stripped the interior. Car has been a shell sitting on the side of the house for almost a year as Scarlett was getting a bunch of work done.


First pic is the original black RX and silver coupe before the coupe got swapped.



Then the silver "RX" in her glory days...



And finally, to Lazarus:brow:

When it was delivered.



After he was stripped of everything and rear suspension in with 5-lug conversion.



Interior stripped, blue interior is going back in from the silver RX.



Over the last couple days since the weather has been nice, I've gotten the silver RX totally stripped and filled with old parts I don't want/need. Also got most of the front suspension put together on Lazarus to make it mobile again and once that's done, into the garage he goes. Then a complete interior clean, exterior tear down and clean up and the blue interior mounted in.


Powerplant for the car is still up in the air but with Rob already having an EJ powered RX, mine might have to be powered by something different. Possibly an EZ30? I would go with a second gen engine with separate exhaust ports and AVCS.:Flame: I have all the needed parts to drop any EJ combination into this car. Modified driveline, modified engine crossmember, correct XT6 and EJ transmission cross members and a few other parts. Also has an aftermarket sunroof which will get welded up eventually but my first goal is to

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So I now have a couple different engine options readily available. I have procured a EJ205 shortblock with under 100k miles in good shape from a '02 WRX. I may have also procured a EJ257 shortblock with under 60k with a slight rod knock, both of which are free. I also picked up a set of ARP headstuds and a '04 WRX wiring harness. Thinking I might do a EJ205/257 hybrid for this car as I already have some of the parts. I also have an EJ257 header, a low mileage TD04, Perrin divorced catless downpipe, and a few other things for this build. Most of these parts will be used to make it a running car before I start to really upgrade it. I will probably use the 205 in order to get the wiring worked out and then use the 257 shortblock down the road after a rebuild.



I just finished up a 500+whp EJ257 for my roommate's '05 STi so I have a bit of experience now with building higher horsepowered EJ engines:headbang:

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Seeing as the weather has been nice and the XT6 is pretty much completed minus some exhaust welding and reinstalling some of the interior, I decided it was time to get this beast into my garage.


Pretty much threw some front suspension in it to make it rollable. My roomate pulled it up the driveway with his Lexus 4.0 V8 powered '90 4Runner and then I rolled it back into the garage. Since this project is going to take me awhile, I'm going to start by removing all the suspension and do a complete undercoat on the car before I get started on the bodywork.


Oh and I love rust free cars. This chassis has 250k roughly on it and no rust whatsoever:brow: unlike the first one I had...

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