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1979 subaru brat restoration

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i haven't worked on this in a while since i focused more on my 85 brat and my 83 turbo wagon but im going to start working on it again once the wagon is put back together. then the brat gets to turn a different color and get put together and become my dads daily driver :)

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looks like the ea81 is going in this so...


i took out the transmission, rear diff/axels, and drive line. took out the rear stuff because i want to do the under side of this too when i get it painted which might start this weekend since it got moved into a pole barn.


935446_289225577879254_117873921_n.jpg603823_289225707879241_1206956804_n.jpg390652_289225804545898_1098529563_n.jpg941568_289225877879224_2007040554_n.jpg253232_289225927879219_122935893_n.jpg934847_289225964545882_23487795_n.jpg486769_289226074545871_1290242333_n.jpgactually as dark as it looks in the pic


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Great Job Kiddo, nice place to work, when I was Sixteen I laid in three inches of water during December to do a Tranny swap in a 64 Ranchero. I have thgree Brat Bodies and one rusty one cut up. I have enough to make one Cherry Brat with sanding and painting, one beater and one to customize. If the World keeps going my customized one will look like a mini El Camino with a pointed 69 Camaro nose.


Keep up the good work.

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wow you are putting a ton of effort into this thing, makes me feel like the laziest person ever! but then again, mine is just an offroad toy :grin:

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Pulled a 5 speed d/r saturday then steam power washed it. Has either 220k or 222k on it can't remember but it has been resealed at one point. Since it has black rtv sealer on it and the rear shaft has a new gasket



10414620_459022130899597_42083130729794110304503_459022350899575_75609470281290210349142_459022767566200_27685368578571610325612_459023244232819_14717075216280710312592_459024030899407_140807889985399Here she is plus a canopy i got for free awhile back.


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Move her in last week end

10408092_462020850599725_425541966315693Put on the hitch so i could winch her in with my hatch to test the winch out :)



1890999_462021903932953_4926754376741901Didn't clear the steering



This week end.


Top is a ea81 cross member bottom is ea71. ea81 is roughly 2 inches wider.


10366243_462022573932886_537204770923395ea71 rack on top and ea81 on bottom. ea81 is roughly 2 inches bigger.




ea71/ea81 hybrid mix.10443552_462030013932142_67431438293295510336589_462030087265468_460591459397656

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Picked up some stuff up for it over a month ago at pick n pull thinking im going to put on the gl head light setup and the gl cluster while im at it.


Got a y-pipe for it.

10614135_499294410205702_420751288060241Redid the steering linkage. Doesn't bind and turn easily by hand or with the wheel since the ball joints aren't hooked up.


10653552_509694525832357_82529723237156110592640_509695409165602_481257471852647Got exhaust kind of figured out.

10672425_509695572498919_517814532703048Gen 2 harness unwrapped and ready to be cut down and combined with a 1st gen.


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