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Gorilla Light Bar Build Complete - 93-01 Impreza

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Here are some pics of the build today. Obviously this is not a 100% complete bar as far as finished welds and it not being coated of course, but this shows you the finished product with respect to mounting points and the design perspective. If you followed our Baja Build, you will see a lot of similarities. As it turns out, the chassis of the 93-01 shares similar mounting points with the Baja. So this bar doesn't have the base loop like the other Impreza bars but offers the same light and winch configurations as all our other bars.


I will be organizing the buy thread Monday - it will be for any bar we make as well as our adjustable trailing arm.


Here are the pics:
















I'm just realizing that I never snapped a shot of the bar (other than with my iPod that I posted on twitter) with the top hoop. These are the only shots I have (at the time of the post) that show the top hoop:






Sorry for the lower quality images of these last two - they will get updated.



Orders for 93-01, 02-07, 08-11 Impreza and all Baja models will be open on Monday

(information to be posted then)

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how much for one for a 96 impreza lx?


Gorilla Bar = $399

Skid Plate = $175 (optional)

Winch Mount = $125 (optional)

Shipping ranges $135 to $180

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Just out of curiosity ,What type of material are you using for the light bars, and skid plates?


Chromoly tubing, powder coated and 1/8 6061 aluminum for the skid plate.

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