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Dennis ex24

trans swap - 99 AWD 5spd into a 95 AWD auto?

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hey guys,


i have access to a cable shifted AWD 5spd from a 1999 impreza wagon. after some contemplating and thinking, ive decided i want to pull out the 4EAT in my 95 L and swap it for the manual trans.


i know obviously ill need the pedal box, trans and linkage...but anything else? crossmember? axles? seems like a pretty straight foward swap to me, but am i missing anything? i love my impreza but this auto has to go, not exactly fun going from my other car, a 200hp XT turbo to this.


for reference's sake, heres the description of both cars.


my car:

1995 2.2L with 4EAT AWD


the donor:

1999 2.2L with 5spd AWD

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You will have to do some tweaking with the neutral safety switch as well as reverse, and park inhibitor......all shouldn't be too big an issue. ECU....really depends....as long as you have the MT/AT identifier pin on the ECU you should be ok.

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your hands. This is the sort of thing I though was a great idea when young because I enjoyed the work.

Make sure you have both cars sitting right there at the same time not one in a junkyard ten miles away.

For all sane adults this is not worth the time and money so you better enjoy doing it.

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