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transmission swap 2001 forester trans. to a 1998 forester

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I have a 1998 Subaru Forester with a bad transmission, no reverse and metal shavings in the pan, i found a 2001 forester with a good tranny for 500 bucks Just wondering what snafus i may have, or will these bolt up and plug in. according to the vin # they are both 4eat transmissions. but looking at them side by side they are definitely different in shape and size. the transmission codes are

the 1998 forester TZ103ZJ1AA


I am trying to figure out the gear ratio cause i hear if that matches i may be all right and maybe swap the speedometer sensor. is this true?

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the 98 forester has a 4.44 final drive ratio.


you can use any trans from a 96 - 98 2.5L, outback, GT, LSi or forester. if you use a GT or LSi your speedo may be off a little.


you can find good parts at www.car-part.com. you will have to search each year and model separately. sort by distance to see what is close to home first and then by price just to see if there is a deal somewhare. shipping will cost about $150 so add that to any far away trans price.


note, just so you know: a 95 - 99 legacy / impreza (2.2L) trans will work but you will need to swap in the matching rear diff as well. and this will change your power curve / fuel economy.

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Forester did not appear until 1997 in Japan and 1998 elsewhere. What are you looking at? No for auto. Somewhere possible if 5spd

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1990 forester

Doesn't exist. As said foresters came much later


How about a transmission swap 1990 forester trans. to a 2001 forester?

Can that work?

yes and no. Need correct year or model and auto or manual.



options depend if that's a manual or auto.


Manual - yes they probably can be swapped will have final drive ratio differences and driveshaft length differences can be worked around.


If it's an auto then no it won't work, not at least in normal terms most people would find acceptable.

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