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5.5 inch wide vs 6 inch wide rims

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so I have 2 14x6 pug alloys, 1 14x5.5 inch pug alloy, and I am currently buying another one (though he is measuring it before I pull the trigger).


the main question is whether or not there is enough of a change to the tire with a half inch rim width difference to matter? will i change the total diameter enough to wear funky or cause problems? I would assume that paired up front and back wouldn't cause problems unless in 4wd, but if only 1 wheel is 5.5 it might.


if anyone is looking to trade one size for the other to make a set let me know. I don't know what the guy on CL has yet, but I have no preference other than wanting them all the same.

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I ended up with two 6's and two 5.5's. ill just pair them up front and back, I doubt if it will make a large difference in tire diameter. i would still like to trade them if possible, but it would have to be quickly. I plan on getting some tires very soon.


the two 6's are pristine with the factory coating and have nice studs on them (195/70R14). I even have lugs for them. would be willing to trade for some 5.5's and maybe some tires or a little cash to put towards tires. if you want the 5.5's id trade straight for some 6's

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