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rock auto strut parts

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i just bought 2 boot kits and 2 strut mounting kits from rockauto.com and this is what i got left side is my old parts right side is the new raock auto parts.


struts i know these are right kyb gr2 gas replacements



boot kit kyb



mounting kit mevotech



and this is the most important part of all strut bearing




new one



old one



the mount looks right but the bearings are noticeably different, i'm not going to worry about the boots my old ones are fine. all i really want to know will the bearing work

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oh ya sorry about that 80 gl 4wd wagon. also when i looked at the mounts the hole that the struts go through are totally sloppy. rockauto customer support said they are the right parts so i am going to have to fix that to.

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The hole in the strut bearing needs to match up with the upper spring perch. What does the top side of you upper spring perch look like? The differences you note are meaningless as long as the parts work together.


The accordian boot looks fine as does the strut top mount and the bump stop. The design of these parts doesn't really matter - the accordian boot and bump stop are the Legacy style versions but will still fit just fine and serve the same purpose.


Parts designs change. Part numbers are superceeded. Replacements are crossed over from newer vehicles. It happens. Get used to it and roll with what you can get. Enlarge the upper spring perch to work with the bearing they gave you - or order bearings from the dealer.



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okay i kind of thought as much. i am not going to worry about the boot and stopper my old ones were in good shape still. i'm having the hole that the strut mounts through welded to fill the sloppiness. my local supplier said they are the same as a monroe mounting kit and should work fine with the struts i ordered. once i get the mounts welded and fixed i will put it together and see what happens everything looks like it should work.


thanks for the quick response, much appreciated this darn car is driving me crazy :banghead:

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