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Interest in EA82 Whiteline swaybars?

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I've been in contact with Whiteline and they might be willing to do a group buy on front and rear swaybars for EA82s and XT/6s. Not sure on cost as of yet but I'm waiting to hear back from them on how much for a group buy of 10 sets. I'm looking for 22mm front and 20mm rear which should be pretty much the beefiest swaybars you would want to put on one of these cars. They should also come with the correct bushings for installation as well but thats another question I sent to them in my last email. Who would be interested in a set? I will update this thread when I finally hear back.


I will also note, the shop I work for (All Wheel Drive Auto) is a authorized Whiteline dealer so if there might be anything else someone wants, feel free to PM me!


1. Caboobaroo - 1 set (F&R)

2. obk25xt - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

3. rploz - 1 set (F&R) - SubaruXT

4. Tractor pole - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

5. Turbone - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

6. Natext6 - 1 set (F&R) - SubaruXT

7. KRM91 - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

8. Wentz912 - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

9. Wayback - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

10. 92_rugby_subie - 1 set (F&R) - USMB

11. Kingbobdole - 1 set (F&R) - SubaruXT

12. Huck369 - Front only - SubaruXT

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All right, I've had a couple PMs over the last couple days about them as well.


I'm still trying to get a price from Whiteline on a set of bars but it looks like I have over 10 people tentative depending on price so hopefully they can give me a rough number on how much each set would be.


The instant I know, I will post up a price per bar and/or set as I also have people over on SubaruXT interested as well.

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I just got an email back from the head Whiteline guy here in the states. Here is the email I sent him earlier today.


Hi Jan,

Still interested in a set of swaybars and I also have over 10 people that are interested in them also depending on the price. If you could shoot me a rough number for the cost per set and the cost for a set of 10, that would be great! I also wanted to add that I work for a shop in Kirkland, WA called All Wheel Drive Auto that is an authorized Whiteline dealer. Let me know!


Russ O'Bannan


And the response...


Unfortunately the bars have been discontinued long enough ago that the jigs have since been destroyed.

They would not be able to make the bars again without extensive R&D all over again.


Best Regards,

Jan Pasia

Technical Service CoordinatorRedranger USA/ Whiteline USA9469

Richmond PlaceRancho Cucamonga, CA 91730O. (909) 476-2860F. (909) 476-2558E.


AIM. WhitelineJan




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