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Its still smoking from the cat/y-pipe pretty bad..


2 ideas:

Clogged cat?


Oil leak ( but everything was resealed :/ )


I finally plugged in the O2 sensor, which hasnt been plugged in since we owned the car... so im not sure... O2 sensors are expensive if I have to go OEM like I think...

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The exhaust pipes can smoke for quite a while. Oil can get between the heat shields and the pipes and takes a long time to burn away. Also any grease (cv grease) takes a LONG time to burn off.


People say the O2 needs to be OE, but I'm not entirely convinced.

OE sensor is probably either Denso or NTK. Rockauto carries both (with OE connector) for about $50. Bosch universals have worked fine for me on several cars and are usually about $50 from Advance Auto, plus you can use discount codes to get more $$ off when you order online, then go pick it up at the store. :brow:


Speaking of O2 sensor. I need to add that one to the list of crap my car needs. I can't seem to get any better than about 27 mpg out of it lately.

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Ill pass on the info to my Dad. :headbang: Got a discount code by chance? :grin:


The text I got from him:

Pulls like a demon through 2nd gear, got it up to 65... next year, engine upgrade!


I told him car upgrade, frankenmotor in FWD just seems like a bad idea... but it made me smile.


BTW, hes not use to the EJ22 power, hes only owned EA82s and an EA71 before.

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Search for Advanceautoparts.com


Find the code that suits you best.

I quite often add something like a spark plug, or can of cleaner, or tube of goo, to a (hypothetical example) $73.99 order to bump the total over $75 and get free shipping, or get the extra $10 or whatever more discount for getting into the next tier.

Also when ordering multiple parts that cost over about $75. I put them on separate orders and use discount codes for each. I might order them a day apart though. :brow:

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Just thought Id let everyone know :headbang:


Seems to be leaking coolant from the overflow bottle... maybe a pinhole leak cuz the radiator is still full... Guess this is my excuse to go get parts from the JY :clap: I need stuff for the Legacy and for NED.

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