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Fidel's 05 Legacy GT 5EAT

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Ok guys here's my SWP 05 Legacy GT 5EAT.

It's still stock with around 122,000 miles. Bought her back in Aug 2011 with 115,000 miles. Previous owner had the car at Stage 3 for roughly 5K miles then went Stage 2 until a few 1000 miles before selling her. It had the Timing Belt, Water Pump, Transmission Fluid and Differrential Fluid replaced at 105,000 miles. I only paid $6500 for it. :) Currelty I replaced the TMiC with better looking one because my old one had a leak. Future mods include: Koni Struts, H-Tech Springs, AVO LCA bushings, Upgrade EndLinks, Swaybars, and Stop Tech Slotted Rotors. Not looking to upgrade on the power side just yet. When ready I would like a Invida DP, Invidia UP, Invidia Quad Tip Exhaust, and a Tune.


The car is Currelty stock except for a Mishimoto Radiator I installed because I broke the OEM radiator.***











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Love the '05's. Savin up for a limited wagon.


I hope that Impreza rear badge was the old pic, lol. That is ridiculous.

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