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Selling the '85 RX soon...

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I've been thinking hard lately about selling my trusty old 1985 RX in the near future, and thought I'd start here cause you folks are Subaru NutZ + craZy peeple <kidding, so am I, tra-la-la>


Here's the details:

1] '85 Marina Blue RX, dual range 4WD Turbo 5 speed

2] Miles: around 190k, odo shows less due to a misdiagnosis that recommended a new speed sensor (READ: Speedo). It was the ECM, and was replaced.

3] Replaced the engine 3 years ago with a strong, clean import motor, installed at Brian's in Des Moines (nice job they did, too!)

4] New rear shocks (OEM), front struts about 8 years old and still fine

5] Stock, except for larger rear anti-sway bar (off an '88 RX), tweak to the airbox internals (richer mixture), ripped out intake snorkle

6] Couple year old Bridgestone M+S

7] Fittipaldi 'Personal' steering wheel that may or may not be included... depends on what I find to buy, and if it will fit or not. It's... personal (and a great wheel).

8] Recent used cat, and a 2.5" straight pipe, *no* muffler (with a center cat, the shop had the Federal Fear Factor going). It sounds sweet, meaty and throaty, no rice-burner fart pipe here! All that exhaust going thru the turbo make a good enough muffler, eh?

9] Spare parts- a couple turbos, air box, hill holder, front calipers, snorkle, sheesh, the list goes on...

10] In all, a very servicable car that has several more years of fun left in it.


Current issues:

A] Needs 2 injectors (drivers leaking slightly- Brian sells rebuilt ones for $35 each. 2 passenger side injectors replaced late last year.)

B] Right front axle starting to clickty-clack... the LF was replaced a year ago.

The above 2 items I can do, or leave up to the next owner.

C] A bit of cancer *starting* around the windshield, driver's side upper- most likely from a sloppy windshield removal/replacement in the dim and distant past. Bastards.

D] A golf-ball sized whump in the windshield- from about 8 years ago, it hasn't gotten any worse, and it can't be seen from my seat, so I ignore it.

E] Ah, heck, throwing a cap/rotor/plugs at it wouldn't hurt. Prolly about time...


That's about it- it runs *strong*, handles as well as any '85 RX (that 'rally' suspension' has surprised many contenders) and still looks pretty damn good. There are the usual minor door dings and such that happen over time- I'm not going to hide anything- it's just been a great car (no oil leaks to speak of on this engine, either!) that has been with me since '86. I bought it when I was working at Carter Subaru, in the service dept. So yes, maintenance is a known issue with me...


If you're interested, let me know, give me a reasonable offer, and we'll take it from there.


Then, the dilema of what the HELL to replace it with that will keep me as happy. Fark, that's the WORST part!

(Sure, an STi would do, but I ain't freakin Bill Gates yet...).





-Tom ("QuickRX")

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Any pictures?


The old lady wants to get out of the wagon she uses and something more sporty.... Sounds like this could be something she would be interested.


Any kinda idea on the price range with you doing the work mentioned?



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yeah pics and a price range would be great! If it in the right price range, I could be interesed or have a couple other people interested:D

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Darn, no pictures on hand. Good point, I'll blast some off and get a CD with the processing (I'm still stuck on film).


Price range is to be determined- what I think it's worth and what the market will bear are not the same. I'll come up with something... any hints from market-savvy folks out there would be appreciated.


Also, did I mention that in 1985 Subaru made 1500 RX's? Good trivia for ya.





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