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Autocrossing a Subaru 360

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Willamette Motor Club's Oregon state fairgrounds Paterson Memorial Autocross in Salem Oregon Sunday Aug. 5th 2012. What a riot !. Have you ever wondered if a tiny 25hp Subaru 360 Sedan and a Novice driver could compete against cars with 500hp? It shocked me and everyone how well my little 1969 Subaru 360 Sedan did. It wasn't the fastest car. No, as a matter of fact it was very hairy-scary. The good: It corners on dime, you point it, it goes! It is also balanced well. Crazy fun!, by far the most fun to drive. No cones were harmed, at least on all my runs I didn't knock over a single cone. It fits anywhere on track , there are no tight spots ! The bad: It's underpowered, but, thats good..... Ok. If it had more power it would go faster and I'd have rolled it like an egg. I did find it's cornering limits and it's scary. The Subie runs on the ragged edge of safe. The rear suspension is fixed, another words, there is no outer rear CV joint. So, at high speed corners when weight is shifted to lighten the rear it positive camber's a bunch. Whoa!. Pucker me timbers. What a ton of fun though.





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