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my hidden 89 GL

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bought an 89 gl as a 4x4 project not knowing a thing about Subaru. car didn't run and was in need of work. well i paid 400 for it so its a given.



got her running (just needed to be timed) and some body work.



4" sjr lift, drilled hubs to 6 lug, roof rack, lights and started the camo.



camoed the outside and inside.




now for things to do.

engine swap 2.2

front bumper w/ winch

bigger tires

skid plates

rear tent

and possibly rear disk breaks if i can ever find the parts.


this car fit me like a glove from day 1, im kicking myself for never thinking about Subaru before, they are mean little bundles of fun and i will never regret buying this car and maybe another in the future.

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