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Any rally racers want to help my daughter with a school project?

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My 12-year-old daughter has a school project to interview someone who has a job that she might want to do when she grows up. She has picked rally racing (I’m sure this choice is all my fault… watching a lot of WRC and taking her for “rally” rides in gravel and snow covered parking lots). Anyway, if anyone here drives rally for a living (I bet even “part time” drivers would be fine), and would be willing to answer some questions about it (through email), please let me know.




Now every time I take her to the store I get “can we rally” and she’s very excited about the RX I just got, I took her for a ride and on the first hard pull she yelled “Ohhh, fastness, fastness”. I may have created a monster.










P.S. Sorry for the cross post, just looking for good exposure, moderators move as necessary.

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Well, being involved with rallying on all levels for some 10 years now, I must say that here in the US there are only about 3 people that make a living off of rallying as a driver, and sadly none of them are actually american. Some people have sponsors that help the habit and in some cases fully fund it, but they don't get paid to do it. We basically pay for all of it out of our pockets and our sponsors just sell us stuff at cost. Anyhow, this might me something my father, rallynutdon would be intersted in. I'll tell him to look for this. He's been involved with rallying a lot longer than me and has been more involved.



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have her email or phone me


i currently rally in SCCAPro and Club rally...

one of the only females out there driving -

have won a few championships in the past 2 years...

as well as a private hired drive up pikes peak


if she's interested!!


800.426.1332 x161 daytime.


www.subiegal.com <--my home page



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