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Scott in Bellingham

The Buggies

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the silver one is hers it will end up being painted pink, its got a webered EA82 engine and a ea81 4 speed, it started out as a turbo wagon 87 I think, mine is the red one, years ago it was my first lifted car had a 6" alloy lift, it now has a 4" steel lift I had made it into a sand buggy a couple years back, only really used it one summer, I am cutting off all the outer parts and will cut the rollbars off and put them on the silver car, my car will end up with a EJ22 with delta torx cams , both cars will end up street legal someday, we have acrage and I want to make some trails at my place, Alea will learn how to drive from her car,



















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Been havin fun













put the bars off the red one onto the silver one, got a EJ dropped into the red one, started strippin the red one down, got some tires on there way, been havin fun driving around the place my daughter comes home from school and everyday asks for a ride

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in the front yard





new tires came in TSL 28 x 850-15, mounted on dodge d-50 rims , milled out the huds for the 6 bolt pattern












most of the choppin is done, now to start the tubing layout and design, the other one is at 77 inch wheelbase, this one is 85, I think Ill end up makin this one shorter like the other, as I like the shortness pokin around in the woods,

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