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1996 Subaru Legacy station wagon(tons of pics)

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Bought and installed some 139db Hella Supertones






So what do you guys think of my car to this point?  She's had a hell of a lot of work done to her, and i'm slowly adding little mods here and there.  My biggest mod will be when i build my turbo Ej22 backwards frankenmotor with 2.5 DOHC heads.

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Any interest in some JDM headlights and some H&R springs for this monster? I've got an extra set of both since I decided to lift my second wagon instead of lowering it.

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well, i figure it might be time for an update.  i dont have any pics of it but about a month and a half ago the trim came loose on the passenger door and wiped out the fender.  Got it fixed though.


On a cool note i got a hood scoop hood for 40 bucks.  it had some minor damages but i've already test fitted it.  just need a little Body Ice and some cleaning the hood is ready for paint.








And my original hood gets to chill in my room for the night.  lol



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more updates!!!  progress on the hood today.  got all the imperfections taken care of.  then i primed, painted, and cleared the underside of the hood, and today (cause its 1:17 am my time) i will do the top.  that way the bottom will be cured.  i can throw a blanket on my sawhorses and flip it.  All i have to say is: Dayum!


So it begins......




sorry, missing pics inbetween.


but, here's the base coat after priming




and, Bam!  clear coat




I cant even sleep tonight.  i keep going and checking my heater in the shop making sure its staying 70 degrees in there.  lol.  i'm almost pretty sure i'll pull an all nighter so i can paint my hood around 8 am.

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Alright.  They don't really show off the new hood, but i took these nice pics the other day






So.  I dont always get to drive in the snow, but when i do, there's always one of these around to screw it up xD




Please, rate and comment!  I love feedback.

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I've been thinking that over as well for my 92, but its reliable, and I have soooooooooo many projects already.... 

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